Friday, October 7, 2011

I know, I know I am a week late.  But here are the pics of the models I was supposed to have done last week.  Eomer Marshall of the Riddermark and 3 Rohan Royal Guard on Foot.  It was slightly less than 150 points. 
So there you go, my first months committment.

Octobers committment will be 12 Riders of Rohan   4 with Bows    4 with Hand Weapon and shield  and 4 with Throwing Spears.  This will hopefully get done before the end of the month.  

Thanks for loooking.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bilbo's Birthday Army

So I am once again playing in the Bilbo's Birthday Bash Tournament.  I am yet again playing a new army.  Since 2008, when I started playing in tournaments I have only once played the same army, that was last year when I played Dwarf Rangers in both B3 and the Adepticon singles tournament.  Now I don't travel as much as some of the other players but I still pride myself on having a different army at each event. This keeps it fun for me, while I like to win, I don't want to play with the same army and just tweek it over a period of time to make it stronger.  Many of the lists I use in tournaments are models that I already have.  Sometimes I have to purchase a few just to finish out what I have written down.  

Here is a few preview pics of what I will be bringing to Bilbo's Birthday
The Fifedoms
Knight of Dol Amroth

Axeman of Lossanarch

Ranger of Gondor

Clansman of Lamedon

These are just preview pics and I am sure I will find touch ups on them.  Not sure yet about the bases either.  Prince Imrahil will be leading the way along with some Knights of Dol Amroth on Horseback.  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let the Painting Begin

After a long hard day of building the models for this competition, here are the models I have committed for this month.  Still have some green stuffing to do. 

Eomer Marshall of the Riddermark.
Three Rohan Royal Guard.

While I have always used GW paints, I am going to try and used mostly Reaper and Valejo paints in this project.  Looking for different shades of tans and browns for the leather armor.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 
Keep reading and I hope to have some pics of painted stuff in the next week or so. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Starting---Tale of 4 AWC LOTR Gamers

Ok So after making the commitment to this ordeal.  I als realized that I wanted to do a Fifedoms list for Biilbo's Birthday Bash in November.  So while I am doing that and working on other projects, my commitment for September will be....
Eomer Marshall of the Riddermark.
3 Rohan Royal Guard on Foot.
Which means October will have to include some major troops so I can get in a game. 
Let the games and modelling begin,  Those guys south of the border aren't going what hit them.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tale of 4 Gamers

I agree with Jamie "What have I got myself into?"
As some of my know by reading the other blogs I am also taking part in the Tale of Four AWC LOTR Gamers. Along on the journey are:

As you follow my blog please follow theirs,  they are some of the best painterrs and modelers that I know in this community.  I have my work cut out for me if I wish to compete on their level. 
I will be doing Rohan in this tale.  They were one of the first Armies I painted some years ago, and they are do for a tune up.  Hopefully my painting skills have improved enough to do the models justice.
Here is the list
Eomer Marshall of the Riddermark
Captain of Rohan
3 Rohan Royal Guard Mounted (as well as Dismounts)
3 Rohan Royl Guard (on foot)
12 Riders of Rohan 
        4 with Bows
        4 with Spears
        4 with Hand Weapon and Shield
24 Warriors of Rohan
        8 with Bows
        8 with Spears
        8 with Hand Weapon and Shield
Not sure on how competeive this list will be, but I am looking forward to playing them. 

So starting September 1st I will post what the first months project  will be.  Stay tuned for the journey is just begining.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Adepticon Recap

Hello Again,

Some of you now that my son and go to Adepticon in Chicago every year.  This is something that we plan on and can't wait until next year. This year we returned to our roots and played in the Lord of the Rings Team Tournament.  Having played LotR on the circuit a little bit and having the Singles Championships on Friday, we decided to do something fun and unique.  We came up with "The Nine", the ringwraiths, six including the Witchking and Shadowlord were on Fell Beasts and the last 3 were on foot.  The way the tournament was set up and the scenarios that we had to play I was resigned to our fate.  HAVE FUN this is Just a game.
So after a hard day of competitive play on Friday we got to the tournament early on Saturday, we find out we are playing two of the top players on the circuit, Ok remember this is supposed to fun.  Our first game is with table quarters and 2 Oblectives are on the board.  Really! I have 3 models, my opponent has 20 Rohan riders, outriders and Erkinbrand leading the way.  The only chance I have is to get my Fellbeasts into combat as quickly as posssible use my magic effectively and hopefully break him.  It Happens.  After a few rounds of combat he breaks and has to make courage test for all his models.  We roll a D6 on 1or 2 the games last one turn, 3or 4 goes three turns andon a 5 or 6 it goes four turns,  I rolled a 6.  He fails quite a few courage tests and his models start to flee.  In the end the witchking was standing near the objective in 1 table quarter and he had nothing left.  Game over.  Minor Victory with bonus points.  What the?  My son first round game went much like I thought all of our games would go.  Major loss and no bonus points.

Round two was a minor loss for us and rd 3 was a draw, in that game we had to kill 31 models  before they killed 5.  We each broke each other on the same turn so it was a draw, we got bonus points because the witchking killed more models the out opponents general.

So this small little army that was supposed to be fun turned in a great performance over the weekend, we had a blast!  So there are painting scores for this tournament and we scored really high thanks in part to the display board and the scenic bases the Fellbeasts were on (see earlier posts).  We received 5 favorite army votes and that put us ahead of armies that were painted better.  We won Favorite Team Army award which was very cool.  I just want to say this THANKS for the votes.

I also have some pictures coming of new terrain myself and few friends are working on, they should be up next week.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flight of the Nazgul

    I just got my display board done for my son and I's Lord of the Rings Team Tournament army. As you can see it is the Nazgul as they fly out to do the Dark Lord's will. The Nazgul are currently flying over the ruined city of Osgiliath, which is close to Mordor's border. Perhaps they have caught the scent of the Ringbearer? Only time will tell...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Saurons Air Force

   This model was made from the GW plastic Fell Beast kit. 
The right wing was bent to look different than the others.
This model was built from the GW plastic kit as well.
It was built according to instructions.
This is the old school metal Fell Beast with the Witch King riding.

Here are some of the on-foot models for the dismounts and others.
The top picture is the Shadow Lord.
The bottom picture features the Witch King, but some of the others
can be seen in the background.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adepticon Team Tournament

As many of you know I enjoy playing in the team tournament.  It started a few years ago when my son and first played and had a really great time.  After that tournament I really started getting competitive and traveled to numerous GT's.  The next year I dumped my son for a new partner in an attempt to win,  we didn't and it wasn't the same.  Did not play last year, that brings us to this year---My son and I are partners again--I usually only play good armies so we thought about playing evil this year.  So we decided to play something fun and unique,  I started painting the army today and should have pics tomorrow. Our team name is "THE NINE" 
 Here is our list--

List 1
Whitch King on Fellbeast
Ringwraith on Fellbeast
Ringwraith on foot

List 2
Shadowlord on Fellbeast
Ringwraith on Fellbeast
Ringwraith on foot

List 3 (Extra 300 points for the last game)
Ringwraith on Fellbeast
Ringwraith on Fellbeast
Ringwraith on foot

I really do not know what to expect with list.  Can be intimidating to the eye but not very effective on the table.  That is perfect for me.  The main goal is to have fun and play something not seen at Adepticon team tournament.
I will keep you posted.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tower of Dol Guldor

Another piece of terrain for Adepticon.  

Spider Queens Lair

Here some home made terrain from middle earth.  It was made for Adepticon 2011 Lord of the Rings tournament in April.

The Start of something Fun

Hi All,
Just an opening statement.  Please checkback and see what is going on in Middle Earth (aka my hobby table).