Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tale of 4 Gamers

I agree with Jamie "What have I got myself into?"
As some of my know by reading the other blogs I am also taking part in the Tale of Four AWC LOTR Gamers. Along on the journey are:

As you follow my blog please follow theirs,  they are some of the best painterrs and modelers that I know in this community.  I have my work cut out for me if I wish to compete on their level. 
I will be doing Rohan in this tale.  They were one of the first Armies I painted some years ago, and they are do for a tune up.  Hopefully my painting skills have improved enough to do the models justice.
Here is the list
Eomer Marshall of the Riddermark
Captain of Rohan
3 Rohan Royal Guard Mounted (as well as Dismounts)
3 Rohan Royl Guard (on foot)
12 Riders of Rohan 
        4 with Bows
        4 with Spears
        4 with Hand Weapon and Shield
24 Warriors of Rohan
        8 with Bows
        8 with Spears
        8 with Hand Weapon and Shield
Not sure on how competeive this list will be, but I am looking forward to playing them. 

So starting September 1st I will post what the first months project  will be.  Stay tuned for the journey is just begining.

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