Friday, April 8, 2011

Adepticon Recap

Hello Again,

Some of you now that my son and go to Adepticon in Chicago every year.  This is something that we plan on and can't wait until next year. This year we returned to our roots and played in the Lord of the Rings Team Tournament.  Having played LotR on the circuit a little bit and having the Singles Championships on Friday, we decided to do something fun and unique.  We came up with "The Nine", the ringwraiths, six including the Witchking and Shadowlord were on Fell Beasts and the last 3 were on foot.  The way the tournament was set up and the scenarios that we had to play I was resigned to our fate.  HAVE FUN this is Just a game.
So after a hard day of competitive play on Friday we got to the tournament early on Saturday, we find out we are playing two of the top players on the circuit, Ok remember this is supposed to fun.  Our first game is with table quarters and 2 Oblectives are on the board.  Really! I have 3 models, my opponent has 20 Rohan riders, outriders and Erkinbrand leading the way.  The only chance I have is to get my Fellbeasts into combat as quickly as posssible use my magic effectively and hopefully break him.  It Happens.  After a few rounds of combat he breaks and has to make courage test for all his models.  We roll a D6 on 1or 2 the games last one turn, 3or 4 goes three turns andon a 5 or 6 it goes four turns,  I rolled a 6.  He fails quite a few courage tests and his models start to flee.  In the end the witchking was standing near the objective in 1 table quarter and he had nothing left.  Game over.  Minor Victory with bonus points.  What the?  My son first round game went much like I thought all of our games would go.  Major loss and no bonus points.

Round two was a minor loss for us and rd 3 was a draw, in that game we had to kill 31 models  before they killed 5.  We each broke each other on the same turn so it was a draw, we got bonus points because the witchking killed more models the out opponents general.

So this small little army that was supposed to be fun turned in a great performance over the weekend, we had a blast!  So there are painting scores for this tournament and we scored really high thanks in part to the display board and the scenic bases the Fellbeasts were on (see earlier posts).  We received 5 favorite army votes and that put us ahead of armies that were painted better.  We won Favorite Team Army award which was very cool.  I just want to say this THANKS for the votes.

I also have some pictures coming of new terrain myself and few friends are working on, they should be up next week.

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