Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year

Hello again.  I have to say that after reading my friends blogs, I have decided to TRY and post more.  To my loyal followers I say "thank you".  This year will bring more posts.
Some of you may know tha I am teaming up with John at Plastic Legions for the Hobitt team tournament at Adepticon this year.  I am very excited to be a part of this---John is an excellent hobbyist and we share the same view of  the game.
The Hobitt is my favorite game to play and I am looking forward to getting support for the game from GW.  The next three to four years should be exciting times for all "Hobitt" players and hobbyists.  That being said I need to go and see the Hobitt again.  The first time all I could do was think of how that would be cool to build and paint, if they make the models.  If they don't my hobbying skills will be put to the test, I forsee a few dioramas in the future.  Hopefully I can enter them in a golden deamon if I can get to Memphis for Gamesday this year.

Taking a cue from another blog I follow Here is a list of what I hope to accomplish this year.
1. Build and paint a 600 point evil army for Adepticon. (This has to be done or my partner will kill me).
2. Buld and paint a 600 point good army for Bilbo's Birhtday Bash.
3. Build and paint1000 point 40K Army.  (Minotaurs--hopefully using all forgeworld pieces)
4. I want to at least paint a box of Perry Brothers Civil war minis.  Probably union soldiers but that is still up        in the air.
5.Complete at least one diorama I have had in my head for a very long time.  I have three to choose from and I really don't want to spill the beans on these until I start working on one of them.
6. Would like to build and paint one box of Bolt Action figs.  101st Airbourne for sure. Not sure if I will play the game but I do want to paint them.

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