Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gamesday 2012

Wow!! It has been a while since I have done anything on this blog.  I went to gamesday yesterday in Chicago.  Recently I have fallen into the trap of the salty veteran gamer, sour towards Games Workshop and their recent price hike.  However,  I was fairly excited for 6th ed to come for 40K.  This blog ws set up to be a hobby blog and not just a rip session on GW.

So while I was at gamesday today it occurred to me that while I have been in sour mood lately, the reason why we do this is the our friends we have and the new ones we make.  It is not about Gamesworkshop.

I walked around quite a bit and stopped by some friends running a LOTR club table.  Spent some time with them and a couple other friends.  I was able to talk to alot of friends and that's when I had the epiphany.  It's the people we know and the people we meet that make this all worth while.

Once again this year I won the Armies on Parade at the local GW.  Pictures will be put up later.  While setting up the entry at Gamesday yesterday, I saw some absolutely beautiful entries.  Jim Wappells Tomb Kings come to mind.  Holy Crap they were good.  While he did not win this year my personal opinion is that he should have.  I mentioned to Jim that I thought he should have won and he graciously said thank you.

So to my followers here, I am going to try and do semi monthly updates on my hobby.  I have some very interesting ideas, both for 40K and LOTR.  The first of which is I will put up is my army lists for an upcoming LOTR tournament "Bilbos Birthday Bash"(B3) in November.  I will be playing 2 new armies as this tournament requires bot a good and an evil army.  Bonus's for having a combined theme.  They also have a painting contest and I am excited for this project also.  I will keep you posted as that progresses.  The last project I have going on is a new 40K army-----I have started this already and will post pics later as well.  (Very similar to an armies on parade entry I saw today).

Here is my list list for my evil army
Uruk Hai Captain
Uruk Hai Captain
15 Uruk Hai Warriors with Shield
15 Uruk Hai warriors with Pikes

I am going to starting this army in the next few weeks.  Then I will start the good army and finally the display board.

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  1. Look forward to Saruman and his uruks!!